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Tucson Divorce Attorney • Peter D. Axelrod

Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Mediation & Family Law

Peter is a clear, compassionate and knowledgeable divorce attorney.  He is dedicated to easing clients through the difficult transition from marriage to divorce, by avoiding the pitfalls of adversary proceedings and promoting collaboration and cooperative problem solving.

In his practice, Peter specializes in divorce agreements that are resolved using one of these two methods: Divorce Mediation, or Collaborative Divorce. Cases are not accepted where either of the parties, are intent on using traditional adversarial divorce representation and courtroom litigation.

An experienced lawyer, Peter has practiced exclusively in Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Divorce, for more than 25 years. Peter is a skilled negotiator, and is committed to understanding the interests and meeting the needs of each individual client. As an advocate for his clients, he has found that combining these skills with cooperative and collaborative approaches to be the most effective way to resolve legal issues of divorce. Moreover, it aids clients in finding their way to healing and more settled lives.

Peter knows how difficult the process can be not only from a legal and financial perspective but from an emotional perspective as well. Peter is committed to minimizing the likelihood of litigation and courtroom conflict and is able to guide clients in ways that promote ease and understanding and minimize stress.

Peter also knows well that the legal system, can be far from ideal especially for families. The traditional adversary culture of resorting to litigation to resolve conflict and focusing on right and wrong to label different points of view is neither useful nor helpful for families undertaking the separation and divorce transition. For this reason, wherever possible, Peter attempts to redirect the focus toward more cooperative settlement approaches like mediation and collaboration. He knows from the perspective of many years of law practice, that such approaches support and enhance the ability of clients and families to reduce stress and lead more content and satisfying lives.

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