Creating Possibilities Happens Now

Most of us want to experience a full expression of who we are, as well as to lead a congruent life consistent with what we value. Yet to many of us these personal attributes may seem out there somewhere, qualities we will get to some day when the time is right or when the stars align. However, finding such ways of being does not happen out there somewhere in the future. What does happen when we wait for somewhere out there in the future to happen is that we just get older.

Finding the qualities we want for ourselves can only happen Now, as illustrated by this story. A teacher was conducting a class of adult students.The lesson on human sexuality. To start the class, the teacher stated her theory of happiness; namely, that those who had the most frequent sex were also the happiest. To prove the point, she asked the class to raise their hands if they considered themselves happy. A half dozen people did so, and the teacher proceeded to ask each one how often they had sex. The answers ranged from 2 – 4 times per week. When it came to call on the last person, a beaming elderly gentleman who could barely contain his delight, the teacher fully expected him to answer he had sex many times a week. To her surprise the gentleman answered he had sex only once a year. How could that be, the teacher exclaimed, fearing her theory of happiness was about to be discredited. How could you have sex only once a year and be so happy? The man replied: “Tonight’s the night!”

While humorous, can we allow ourselves to know that this “tonight’s the night” possibility is there for us also? It is right now, right here, that we can undertake the journey toward any authentic possibility for our lives. Such an undertaking does not happen if we wait for some future to show up, for some “out there” to arrive on our doorstep. We arrive at our own doorstep now.

© Copyright - Peter D Axelrod