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Navigating the choppy waters of finances in the context of a newly committed relationship was too hard for my life partner and me, so we turned to Peter for guidance. What a good decision that was! Peter is a great listener. He took time to think carefully about what we presented and offered wise counsel. We got the information we needed, and worked through the challenging questions he put to us. It was a great gift to find this kind of help. The consultation was enough. We left his office feeling relieved, grateful, and more in control of our situation. To anyone searching for help in Peter’s areas of expertise, I would recommend him in a heartbeat.


Peter was able to create a bridge between my former spouse and I, no easy task as we had been seeing life from opposite ends of the spectrum. He artistically guided the process in a way that brought about a fair and balanced resolution, creating a solid foundation for my ex and I to work together in the future, especially as we continue to co-parent. Working with Peter has saved time, money and the considerable heartache that often occurs when matters of the heart and a high level of fear are in play. Peter was understanding and helpful on all these levels. He communicated clearly throughout the process and followed through on the work he promised, including going above and beyond to ensure our deadlines were met. Peter is an understanding person with a considerable gift to share with those who are often at a place in their lives when they are hurting the most. I appreciate all he did during this profound transition in my life, and full-heartedly recommend Peter to anyone in need of this important work


Peter and I have handled collaborative divorce cases together, and Peter is a knowledgeable attorney who is skilled at identifying the issues underlying potential impasses and working with every person in the process to stay calm, focused, and on track for successful resolution. Peter is also a highly patient and talented mediator.

Edina Strum

Mr. Axelrod is totally committed to his clients. He helped me through an out-of-state divorce. Mr. Axelrod is very knowledgeable, honest, attentive, and helpful. I had no recommendations for attorneys and just picked him from the reviews I saw here. Luck of the draw? Maybe. But I believe that I absolutely could not have found a better attorney than Mr. Axelrod. I highly recommend him to anyone needing this type of attorney. Look no further, he is the best.


I used Peter’s mediation services for a difficult process. Peter was professional, calming, courteous, and provided suggestions and options for moving through the process. He helped us move toward an agreement that we could both live with. I highly recommend him.


Peter works hard to ensure that the parties focus on their true long-term interests and not get bogged down in unnecessary and destructive conflicts. Peter is a skilled mediator who has helped resolve family law disputes that I did not think could be resolved. It is my pleasure to endorse Peter.

Thabet Khalidi

Peter is thoughtful, fair, respectful, and genuine. His grace and even-handed manner helped us untangle some difficult issues and kept us moving forward to a resolution. I really appreciate his patience, his good humor, and his help.


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