Divorce and a Broken Heart

for those who have had it happen

My heart is broken, how could it be? In the face of hopes and dreams of an ever-lasting future together. Till death do us part, and then beyond. Yet it has. It does and it is. The other wants a divorce. My presence as a partner is no longer needed or wanted.

Yet, at the deepest level of our being, we might ask ourselves, is it really true? Is it really true that our presence is no longer wanted or needed? On some level it seems that way. The other said so. I was told in so many words that my presence was no longer compatible.

Yet at that deeper interior level, let’s ask the question of our own selves. Is my presence no longer needed or wanted? This is where the vein of gold is found. It is to this one that such questions must be asked. This is the one who counts. Others can come and go, be here and no longer be here. Who is it but our own true self that always sticks around, under all circumstances. This is the one to whom we must answer. This is the one who is our true friend, our ally and our refuge, if only we will acknowledge, allow and support this most important of all relationships.

It is at this depth and of this one that the question is best asked: “Is it possible for anyone else to truly reject me? Sit quietly with this question, live into it and wait for the answer to arise. When you can find a deep, full- throated and resounding “NO”, when you can acknowledge and celebrate this wisdom, it will be the start of your healing.

© Copyright - Peter D Axelrod