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Benefits Of The Collaborative Divorce Process Compared With The Traditional Adversarial Process

Team Approach.

There is a team approach in the collaborative process wherein professionals in allied divorce related fields are used to lead the collaborative team in their subject areas – a financial professional for asset, obligation and spousal support amount issues, a mental health professional serving as a coach for the parties while the legal divorce is proceeding and a child specialist who aids the parties with their parent plan. These allied professionals can do a superior and more cost effective job than the attorney, collaborative or adversary, in understanding and organizing the issues of their subject area or serving as support for the parties while the legal case is proceeding.

Preserving Family Relationships.

The entire collaborative team, attorneys included, has a guiding principle to help preserve the family relationships and support the children in a balanced fashion rather than advocating for parental agendas. Too often we have seen families torn apart and children needlessly suffer because of the nature of the adversary process.

Control and Client Empowerment.

The collaborative attorneys perform many of the same kind of advice giving, option exploring and law explanation functions as adversary attorneys. However, there is a strong emphasis on empowering the clients by allowing the case to be theirs rather than one taken over by the attorneys.

Confidentiality of Family Affairs.

Other than meetings occurring in the offices of any of the collaborative team members, there is no public display of the family in any kind of third party or public forum.

Family Specific Solutions.

Because the collaborative team is working together to support solutions that can work for both clients, there is not only the goal but the flexibility to create solutions that are particularly unique for the family being helped in the collaborative process.



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