Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Mediation & Family Law Articles

The articles below were written to help provide the clearest information possible for those undertaking the often difficult journey of divorce.

The first set of articles addresses the most significant initial decision you must make when considering a divorce. This decision is – What settlement process will I use to resolve the legal divorce issues? There are five such processes, and each is quite different. The one you select may have a significant impact – for good or for ill – on your well-being and your pocketbook. All five processes are discussed. Two of the fastest growing and most client-friendly are Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce. The articles on these are discussed and described in more depth and detail.

The second set of articles addresses the legal issues in a divorce or legal separation. These issues are the following: Disposition of the marital assets and obligations; Parenting where there are minor children; Payment of child support and spousal maintenance, if applicable; Other related legal matters and concerns. It is these areas that will comprise your final divorce settlement and court order.

If you are a parent, there are also helpful references and resources concerning children whose parents are divorcing.

Lastly, because divorce can be such an emotionally and psychologically demanding time, I have written a series of articles that may be helpful for your general well-being, including life perspectives you might consider for greater wholeness and health, even (or especially)  in the midst of a stressful divorce.

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